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Sheroes Hangout Cafes
A Chhanv Foundation's Venture - 
Supporting the Self-Sufficiency and Empowerment of Acid Attack Survivors


Sheroes Hangout is the ONLY project in the country that is directly providing employment opportunities to survivors as it is run by acid attack survivors in three branches - Agra, Lucknow and Noida . The hangout, as said, promotes such social causes while introducing more awareness and social involvement on the ground level for survivors as they come out of fear and challenges, and represent themselves as SHEROES.

By the word Sheroes, we meant to bring the brave women who fall victim to violence as front runners. They run a business by getting involved in the business in as many ways possible to earn their livelihood, respect and dignity. No matter these girls fall prey to a traumatic violence, the project empowers them to become an earning member in their families which due to stigma is possible almost nowhere in the industry. To remind our visitors of these real-life heroes, we call it in rather feminist derivation as Sheroes.

To the general public masses, it becomes worth visiting a place when it also offers a cup of coffee with snacks with friends. That is the style of hangout we do in our society. As a café we also try to deliver that environment to people where they can just walk-in with their friends or make some more over some regular food served in any fast-serving food restaurant.

In the previous routine of Sheroes Hangout we have often organized events to make masses aware through debates, book launches, conferences and sessions with the acid attack survivors to make our campaign Stop Acid Attacks most strong against violence against women. Seemingly, the café also offers an activity place to people to join in and raise concerns on various social issues in our society.

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