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If you are in Noida, Lucknow or Agra, you are most welcome to visit us & you may extend your support to us. 

1. Noida

Sheroes Home, B 152 B Block, Gardenia Glory, Noida Sec- 46 

Point of Contact: Ritu Saini, +91-8395821404

2. Agra 

Sheroes Hangout, behind Go Stops Hostel, Taj Nagari Phase 1, R.K. Puram Phase-2, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001

Point of Contact: Ashish Shukla, +91-9958066951

3. Lucknow

Sheroes Hangout, Opposite Dr. B R Ambedkar Park, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010
Point of Contact: Abhay Singh, +91-8009955500

1.3 Support through Online Crowdfunding Campaign 

Chhanv Foundation tries to help the beneficiaries through the online crowdfunding campaigns. Friends across the globe can support us. Below are the details of our campaigns;

Rebuilding Acid Attack survivor's cafe Sheroes, empowering 10 women


Over the 3 years of its time, Sheroes Hangout in Agra has catered thousands of guests from several parts of the nation and overseas. The number of beneficiaries at the Agra café has grown from 5 to 10 acid attack survivors. The impact of the café can be manifested in the lives of 5 survivors – Rupa, Ritu, Dolly, Neetu, and Geeta with whom we started the project. The other survivors who joined later on also feel inspired and motivated to join the group of the existing ones. We are making progress as a team together. As the girls recover from their major injuries, we help them in their employment. The girls and women often face difficulties in achieving employment after the attack. 


The acid attack survivors of Sheroes Hangout cafe in Agra need your help. The road widening process in the city is forced 10 women of cafe to find another option to run their families. Since the initiation of temporary evacuation late last year, Sheroes now runs its business in a hastily erected building. The evacuation has disrupted the business of the cafe in last six months. With the evacuation now looking permanent, Sheroes needs a new space to run the center. The cafe, located close to the Taj Mahal, has become a popular joint among tourists who visit the Taj city. It is increasingly becoming a talking point on social media sites, attracted Chief Minister of the state, Prime Minister of Italy, First Lady of France and many eminent celebrities across the globe.


Since moving from Stop Acid Attacks online campaign in 2013 to Sheroes Hangout cafes in 2014, we have become more involved and we short of seen the world of activism a bit more but with a different approach. We wanted to discuss the issue with everyone because it’s something we all have been thinking about a lot, thinking about whether activism is important, whether it’s something that’s really necessary, there was a need of discussion on this kind of violence. With

more such cafes, we want to help as many acid attack survivors as we can. Although their lives have been marked with pain and hardship, these women are banding together to support fellow victims, and to make these attacks a thing of the past. We feel everyone has a potential to succeed. it's just how you hone and help them that matters. 


The concept of the cafe is unique in the sense that no rates are fixed by the women who host the guests. We wanted to create a space for the acid attack survivors who face a lot of problems because of their faces. The cafe serves food and beverages but also serves as an information hub— with a library, a space to hold events, an activism workshop, a one-point center & help desk for the victims of violence and an exhibition space where the women can display their artwork. The income through sales is used for paying salaries and meeting operational expenses. The project works on a self-sustainable model.


At Sheroes cafes, we protest against the wrongs, the way women & weaker sections of the society are being treated. It is important because women have nitric or sulphuric acid thrown onto their faces for some perceived transgression, rendering them permanently disfigured, causing extreme physical and mental health damage, and sometimes even killing them. At both the centers of Sheroes Hangout, we’ve been involved with many activist communities, a particular group in the area of women empowerment, promoting humanity. We work with the youth who have an enormous chance to change mindsets.


We have more than 20 acid attack survivor women who are benefited by the cafés in Agra and Lucknow. Unfortunately, the first café that was started in Agra in 2014 has been demolished in the month of July last year. It is located in the Fatehabad road of Tajganj, falling in the vicinity of the very famous Taj Mahal. The café has been demolished because the National Highway Authority of India planned to widen the Fatehabad road, that is, increasing the lanes of the road. The café was established on a strictly limited budget in a rented store that was once a shoe shop. At present we are left in a moment of exasperation with very little space left for us to serve the visitors at the café. For those of you who have visited the café earlier would have noticed the wall with the iconic graffiti at the entrance has also been demolished. 

We feel sad and anxious to plan the coming days of the project. The next step is that we are planning to relocate the café to some other location soon.


Why do we think Sheroes Hangouts are important?  

  • Sheroes are important because when survivors finally get rid of operations and hospital admissions they keep high hopes of getting a job to overcome the dept of the hospital expenses. They live with disabilities and find there are very few opportunities out there to them. At that very moment, Sheroes' project helps them get a good job that can also support them in their trough journeys. There are more than 40 women acid attack survivors who are employed at the Sheroes Projects. 


  • Sheroes are important because it allows the acid attack survivors to get the exposure that they get that they might not have got otherwise. 


  • Sheroes are important because the very first time in history this cafe project has emerged as space were people got an opportunity to understand the problem in society and the survivors want to share this information with other people. The cafe is a platform to inform the masses of a problem and a way to create greater social change. 


  • Sheroes are important because most of the ways to protests are often too old. The way the protests work, they disrupt, involves chants and signs with bold messages which create polarity in reactions. At Sheroes cafes, we don’t make people angry, rather we create an opposite effect what we want from ourselves. We try to get people interested and involved.

  • Sheroes are important because it is a civil right moment to ensure that people become aware of the violent society that they are living in, a women’s right moment informing people that most of the violence is against women. 



What we are fundraising for?


To ensure employment to every survivor of acid attack survivor girls and women are next on our objectives. In addition to employment at Sheroes Hangout cafe, the organization has reiterated its call for concrete steps in terms of building a genuine social and employment plan. New chapters of cafe Sheroes will address the employment needs of acid attack survivors associated with the foundation and simultaneously increase the awareness against acid violence in the country. 


Your donations can make a difference. Please visit


These women, and sadly many more, have experienced pain and victimization like no human being ever should. But thanks to their resolve and their will to live full lives, they’re inspiring people across the globe. To help their important movement to end acid attacks and abuse the world over, please SHARE their amazing story, ask friends to contribute!


We seek your kind support to the #Rebuilding of Sheroes Hangout.

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