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Ahaana’s mission is Serving & Spreading Awareness, Acceptance & Action in local and global communities through its Initiatives & Partnerships. 

Awareness & Acceptance of the South Asian Culture – Coalition of Nonprofit Entities (CONE) collaborating with NGOs annually to give back to the community.​ 

Cultivate Cultural Network Through Art & Theater – the Annual Ahaana Festival featuring Yoni ki Baat & MenOlogues and Artiste Focus.


Support Women-at-Risk and Survivors of Abuse – The SWANS Initiative supports widows and survivors of violence and acid attack.


Expand Business & Social Networking – SAWEN (Smart Aspiring Women Empowerment Network) and Club SAMU (South Asian Meet-Up).



Ahaana Organization has been a constant supporter of the Chhanv Foundation since the first wave of Covid-19. They ensured $2000 initially which efficiently helped us in standing strong in the challenging times.


Yet again Ahaana Organization came forward in our support by contributing 2000 USD towards the cause and supporting Acid Attack Survivors. The amount contributed is effectively helping in rehabilitating the Acid Attack Survivors.

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