The Stories Of Change


At the age of 13, in 2013 when she just stepped in to her teens, she was brutally attacked by the acid from a middle aged 55 years
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She was very young for marriage but his passion towards her led him to pour a bucket full of 15 litres of acid on her.

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She filed divorce from him later that year and achieved judgement in her favor in 2009. Her husband could not face it and in jilt acid  

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She refused & he attacked. The attack scattered her, resulted in melting her skin into pieces, complete loss of vision in one eye. 
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was attacked with acid by her sister’s brother in law for refusing the marriage proposal. She was from a small family & her father

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Just to take revenge from her family, an aged zamindar from her village threw acid on Bala and her grandfather, 

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All of them were sleeping in the courtyard when her husband quietly got inside the house and splashed acid on them. 

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attack left Kavita with 85% burns on her face, apart from burn injuries on her neck, shoulder and back. While she had to be confined to a bed,

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when Madhu did not agree, he came to a point where he said: “if you are not going to marry me, then I will destroy you so no one can

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who, as a three-year-old, suffered an acid attack along with another month's old infant who died, when her father threw acid on  

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