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The campaign Stop Acid Attacks advocated about the cases of acid attacks which were never considered as heinous as they were supposed to be, these cases were considered very much similar to pickpocket cases in which accused hardly gets 3 months prison and the matter of fact was Indian Government was not in a position to monitor the number of cases that have happened in the country till 2013. In the same year, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India issued the guidelines for theses attacks & the acid attacks were under the separate IPC act 326 (A) & 326 (B). In the same year the Govt. Agency NCRB, National Crime Record Bureau, started providing the number of attacks happening in the country.


Undoubtedly after the medical treatment, there was a need for employment for the acid attacks because of the burnt faces it became arduous for them to get the job & earn a livelihood for themselves & their families. To ensure the same, Chhanv Foundation initiated the formation of Cafe Sheroes Hangout in Agra in 2014 to provide the enormous job opportunities to the survivors from pan India. Since the girls were the heroes, it was named as SHE + Heroes. It was a unique cafe that runs on the concept of pay as you wish and the other highlight of this cafe is, it doesn’t ask any specific educational qualification. The cafe is not the only mode of earning a livelihood to the survivors but it also provides an opportunity to the mass public to meet the survivors of acid attacks & understand their stigmas who were boycotted by the society for the mistakes which they had never committed. 

Till today Chhanv Foundation has benefitted more than 100 acid attack survivors in their medical, compensation, legal & Employment.


We have an aim of making India free from acid attacks, we want the survivors should have access to fast justice in terms of the punishment to the perpetrators, the compensation amount & the complete rehabilitation to the survivors. Chhanv Foundation is to empower the acid attack survivor by fulfilling all their needs like medical treatment, their education along with their kid's education & the much-needed employment. We are to deploy the best methodology to provide rehabilitation, healthcare, to practice and promote good governance.


We work with partners and stakeholders towards the elimination of acid and other forms of burn violence and protection of survivors' rights. We are focussed to provide the complete rehabilitation to the survivors, for which have plans to reach out to each single survivors & fulfill their needs in terms of medical treatments, education, empowerment & employment. 


We try to work as a bridge between the Society & Acid Attacks Survivors to bring sustainable change in the lives of survivors. We are working in the direction to enable the society to change their thought process towards the survivors through the philosophy. 

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