"This Election 

we want respective leaders & political parties

to consider the demands of

the survivors of heinous crimes like Acid Attacks"  

The Ballet is stronger than a Bullet

Abraham Lincon

Key Demands Of Survivors

Govt. Jobs for all acid attack survivors

All the universities & institutions should provide reservations to survivors

Monitoring committee should be formed to get rid of these attacks

Provisions should be made on the verbal taunts & comments on their physical looks 

All survivors should be provided air ambulance & the DM should be amenable

All the AIIMS, Medical Colleges & Post Medical Colleges should reserve the treatment of survivors

There should be the provision of TIME-BOUND JUSTICE

Following researches on acid attacks should be done not only in India but Globally:

1. Reasons & Prevention of acid attacks

2. Its production & Uses

3. Social & Financial status of survivors

Ministry of Law should acknowledge all the cases pending from 5 years & should be heard with immediate effect 

Academical Awareness for the acid attacks & related laws should be raised

Legal Actions should be taken against the concerned officers upon meeting the Bureaucratic delay in the cases of heinous crimes like Acid Attacks 

All survivors of acid attacks should be provided the lifetime medical maintenance allowance 

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