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As the coronavirus rampages around the world, changing societies in unprecedented ways and claiming lives as you read this project, we know you are in one way or other concerned about your loved ones and your community. In these trying times, we are especially inspired by the positivity, empathy and cooperation of the world, together. Many of us are sharing a sense of vulnerability physically, socially or economically. Yet, as a group of activists, it is also reigniting the sense of urgency and meaning to the work we do.  We’re seeing at the individual level an extraordinary outpouring of solidarity around the world, we should emerge from this crisis stronger, and with a renewed commitment to cooperate.



The Pledge:

Save the Livelihood of 100 Acid Attack survivors by contributing to Covid19 Corpus Fund for Acid Attack Survivors

Plan of Actions:

There are several ways Chhanv foundation is trying to find some bright spots and has taken following actions:

1- COVID 19 Emergency Fund:

To help around hundred women in our network and many more and the team of Chhanv Foundation for at least a year, we are aiming to raise a sum of minimum Two and a half Crore rupees (around three hundred thousand Euros) to support their urgent needs. This corpus will help the foundation with funds to manage the two shelter homes and pay the bills of the two cafes. The corpus will be raised through individual donations, CSR tie-ups, government grants, NGOs and charitable institutions.

For now, we could ensure a continued salary to 30 survivors despite the complete closure of the business. The foundation has disbursed a sum of ten thousand rupees per month for two consecutive months to all its members during the lockdown. And we wish to continue supporting all the women who are associated with the foundation. The funds will primarily go to covering their rents and monthly expenses, so we can take one major expense off their plate and allow them to get the rest they need to recover.

An overview of the financial needs

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 7.58.19 PM.png

2- Advocacy Campaign to ensure the rights of the vulnerable citizens

The foundation is involved in the advocacy campaigns and writing governments and authorities to ensure the rights of acid attack survivors, people with disabilities, people with serious illnesses, crime victims, widows. We have started an online petition where thousands of people have supported the pledge. Sheroes is advocating with the government on the immediate need for strengthening the public healthcare system by allocating more funds to it to support the vulnerable communities to ensure no one is left behind in the government policies.

Sign the petition here

3- Mass Awareness Campaigns on Social Media to fight COVID19

In times like this, it is important to be united and support however we can to help all those who are in the front lines, fighting every day to save hundreds of lives. As the effects of the pandemic continue to reverberate Sheroes influencers on social media have spoken about their own experiences of hard times. Thankfully, fear hasn’t stopped them from giving back to their communities and inspiring the world in these scary times. All the members are urging their followers to stay safe, support weal and elderly and take the virus seriously.

Since we’re all stuck at home right now, we figured girls would have a little fun doing online shows, so we are doing regular talk shows, fun shows, arenas shows to promote healing during this global crisis

4. Alternate business model of Sheroes Hangout cafe to sustain the foundation on a long run

In the present scenario, extreme caution over social distancing coupled with uncertainty about finances means a tough time for the restaurant industry as even the privileged may be less inclined to spend in restaurants. Keeping this in minds, we have kept our eyes and ears open to new opportunities to work and we are planning something in addition to what we were already doing. We are scaling up our responses to the challenges, we have planned to witch to alternate business models as and when possible during or after the lockdown.

The Key Challenges: Seeing our sisters suffer in this capacity is devastating!

- Women who work at the cafe have already been forcibly molested or burnt, mocked, marginalised, physically and mentally traumatised in so many other ways and this is going to affect their rehabilitation rationally. At least 30 survivors are on the verge of losing their jobs and hundreds more are affected in many different ways.

- Acid Attack survivors generally have more health-care needs than others, both standard needs and needs linked to impairments, and are therefore they are more vulnerable to viral infections. Their immune system is not like that of healthy people. They need to take infections seriously.

Why should we be attempting to show kindness to acid attack survivors?

So far, they did really well but they are in dire need of help. They're never so vulnerable than today, so fragile that slightest financial or emotional pressure can break them. It is hard to imagine when you are in that situation queuing up to get food and what point do you start fee confident again. Today is the time to return them the love they deserve. We as a group of acid attack survivors are fighting, with tooth and nails, to bring all possible solution to normalise the lives of our team members.


At this time, we are seeking your assistance with funding this urgent program, providing a survival opportunity for the acid attack survivors. We are also inviting volunteers from across the globe to become the part of plan and help an important cause. In times of the closure of our cafes, Sheroes community will need to continue to rely on the charitable giving and generosity of those who are able to give in any amount. If you have the capacity to give, now is a great time to do so,

What will your participation in the campaign?

What’s very unique about this is how funders have come together to share decisions and ideas about where funding is most needed and how the money can be spent, The funders work together to track women in crisis and coordinate a response to ensure that there is no unnecessary duplication of funds going to any one individuals.

How you can support this fund?

Kindness is a way to show others you care and who knows; maybe your kindness can be the light in someone’s life.

You can support by scanning QR Code using All UPI Apps transfer, Paytm &  Direct Account Transfer


1. QR Code


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