The Three Minions Challenge gives you a chance to impact the lives of our SHEROES as a friend. 
•    In these catastrophic times, we need your support to make their lives simpler and #StopAcidAttack at large. 
•    Through this challenge, you’ll further nominate at least three of your Minion friend to do the same. 
•    As your chain grows, our SHEROES‘s challenges will shrink! 
•    Come! Let us build a network of minionss that lasts forever.


The pandemic has had its devastating impact on many lives and our organization is no exception. 
•    Owing to COVID19, both of our self sustaining SHEROES cafés in Agra and Lucknow were shutdown. 
•    The halt in a major source of survivors‘ income has compelled to face many hardships. 
•    We have already received your love and support through our previous fundraising campaigns.
•    However, this time we aim at creating a more transparent and stronger bond with you. 
We aim at building a community that believes in our cause and thus works for its success.

The challenge will be launched on International Friendship Day i.e., on July 30th, 2020
•    The Hashtag #3minionschallenge will be made live from today on our social medias
•    The entire challenge will be played on Sheroes Hangout Application on the same day i.e., on International Friendship Day

When & Where?


On Sheroes Hangout Application, there will be a section called 3 Minion Challenge
•    You will have to accept the challenge by clicking the ‘Play Challenge Button’
•    You will be directed to the next page where you will have to select the amount. Minimum amount to participate is Rs. 100
•    Whosoever will take this challenge will nominate his/her other 3 Minion Friends
•    Those 3 Minion Friends will further nominate his/her other 3 Minion Friends by making sure that they do not break the chain
•    A successful nomination implies successful donation by at least three of your nominated friends or ‘The Three Minions’.
•    This will result into making a chain of people and prizes will be rewarded (*). The prizes would be made by our Sheroes
•    And will help us grow a global community


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
•    Now you are all set to play the very interesting ‘3 Minions Challenge’
•    Fill in the form given below and we will give you small ‘token of love’ made by our Sheroes
•    Post it on social media by using the Hashtag #3minionschallenge and tag our Social Media Accounts
•    So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the FUN


*Click on image to see their characteristics.

Cutest Minion who is childish and immature
Fun-loving Minion who loves to hangout
Intelligent, caring and very funny skilled at video games
Loves to tease people. This Minion plays Cricket and Golf
This Minion loves singing
Playful, friendly, intelligent and funny Minion who loves playing video games
Though innocent but has been involved in a lot of mischief
He is a tall Minion who has beard and dresses up like a father
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