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Hindi Diwas Celebration


We, at Chhanv Foundation, have successfully conducted a virtual event "Hindi Diwas" on 14th September 2020. It is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of Hindi as one of the official languages in India. We, at Chhanv Foundation always endeavor to respect all the linguistics that India encompasses. Hindi, being a language common to most of our survivors is a significant one and close to our hearts. The aim of this event was to inform about this day in history and realize the need for conserving one’s own linguistic identity respecting the diversity of our nation.


The event was graced by honorable guest speakers who are luminaries in the field of Hindi literature- Ms. Nirjhra Sarita, co-founder and chief editor at KalaManthan, Ms. Kanchan Chauhan, a poet and a writer.  The function culminated by the words of Ms. Anupam Ramesh Kinger, one of the volunteers at Chhanv Foundation who addressed the audience emphasizing preserving our rich Hindi heritage. We also had special performances by our Sheroes girls like Anshu Rajput and Rukkaiya who recited beautiful poems and presented their viewpoints with utmost confidence. Moreover, the open mic session had welcomed our audiences to contribute and show their talent. 



India is a land of diverse linguistic groups where regional languages are spoken by masses. These regional languages are like a string of pearls that bind the hearts of people across the nation. Language discrimination is real and it’s important to educate people. As most of the survivors in the Chhanv Foundation are native Hindi speakers, this event is a small effort to harbor the Hindi language. The ethnocentric forms such as Eurocentrism and American centrism leave narrow room for others to cherish their language. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘If the English educated neglect, as they have done and even now continue, as some do, to be ignorant of their mother tongue, linguistic starvation will abide’. English is not seen merely as a ‘language’ but rather a measure of intelligence. This idea of language superiority needs to be deconstructed and through the Hindi Diwas celebration, we look forward to breaking the stereotypes and prejudices related to language superiority.

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