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Educating Sheroes

Under the Sheroes Education Project, we are promoting the fulfillment of survivor’s potential through education, skill development & employment, giving paramount importance to the elimination of poverty, illiteracy and ill-health. This project provides an edge to our Sheroes. Thus, our education & training program is the impactful one.


SAMBHAV— Our Pledge

SAMBHAV means 'Possible'. So we believe that it is definitely possible if we as a community come forward to fulfill their quest for survival via education by taking this pledge. Our aim is to furnish:

  1. Scholarship to the girls pursuing their basic school education, graduation and higher education.

  2. Sponsoring the cost of skill training related to the women working in the Sheroes project

  3. Offering support to survivors in pursuing advance courses.

  4. Regular English learning classes to the women.



Many of the survivors were attacked at a tender age which hampered their education. Thus, the formal education & training with the motive of equipping our Sheroes with industry knowledge and skills started in 2016 - 2017.


Sangharsh Se Shiksha Tak

Our Sheroes like Anshu and Ritu had given Ted Talks and various interviews in renowned platforms. Pramodini from Odisha has measured her way from being a mere survivor to a campaigner today.

The lists of programmes that have come to rest are as follows:

  1. Almost finalized MoU with International Women Polytechnic, Lucknow halted. They have offered free admission to our eight Sheroes

  2. Few of our Sheroes were sponsored by Virangna Project, Delhi and enrolled in the Basic Graphic Designing course & coaching for preparation of competitive exams like UPSC.

  3. Only one professional trainer instead of six.

  4. Art & craft training was stopped.

  5. No interviews, talks and onsite programmes by our Sheroes.

How SAMBHAV is possible?

We have brought a membership plan for you which can also be customized according to your choice.

As per our budget, we have monthly requirement of ₹ 2,59,250 as an investment. Hence, approximately 350 noble hearts like you can come forward with minimum pocket-friendly amount of ₹750 {To calculate, ₹750*350= ₹2,62,500} to make this possible.

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